Our owner operators average more than 20 years in multi-line claims adjusting.

CAT Response

Frontier Adjusters offers national, immediate response CAT adjusting services for a select number of customers.  With over 640 franchised locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we can provide a limited number of experienced adjusters to work most CAT adjusting events in the U.S.

While many organizations can promise CAT adjusting services, Frontier delivers the following:

  • Small Client Base: Frontier strategically partners with a small, select group of customers. We recognize our strength lies in providing a team up to 40 highly experienced adjusters to specific customers rather than a large team comprised of marginally qualified or inexperienced people.
  • Experience: With a team that averages over 15 years experience in adjusting property damage claims, you can rest assured your files will be closed in the most timely and effective manner. We will provide you with a specific list of the adjusters who are enrolled in our CAT services program.
  • Coverage: With approximately 640 franchised offices, including a heavy concentration of offices in “CAT-prone” states, Frontier’s franchisees and their staffs are able to provide immediate assistance.
  • Communication: The ability to communicate specific, consistent instructions (i.e. service standards, reporting formats, pricing, etc.) to adjusters in the field is made simple through our proprietary internet-based claims management system.
  • Account Management: To assist you in monitoring the quality and consistency of our service and to promote continuous communication with our customers, we will assign an Account Manager to each CAT event. The Account Manager serves as a liaison between the Frontier local office(s) and the customer, to address quality issues, resolve billing questions and to implement continuous improvements to the process.
  • Technology: Through the use of Frontier’s proprietary systems, adjusters in the field can upload in real-time pictures of the CAT event. This technology improves processing speed and assists in closing claims more quickly and efficiently.

For more information about Frontier’s CAT Services, contact Tyson Ware at 800-426-7228 x35.