Local claims adjusting services on a national scale


We are a network of independent, multi-line field adjusters working with insurers, TPAs, public and self-insured entities. Our coverage spans the United States, with locations in every state, & parts of Canada.

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Physical Damage


Our property claims expertise includes:

  • Commercial and Homeowner Property 
  • 3rd Party Property
  • Construction Defect
  • Property ‘Appraisal Clause’ Dispute Resolution
  • Catastrophe (CAT) Claim Services 

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Our casualty claims expertise includes:  

  • General Liability/Bodily Injury 
  • 3rd Party Property Damage Liability 
  • Commercial Transportation Liability (24/7/365 Response) 
  • Personal Auto Liability   
  • Mediation Attendance and Trial Monitoring 

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Physical Damage

Our physical damage claims expertise includes:  

  • Private Passenger/Light Truck Vehicle  
  • Commercial Truck/Heavy Equipment 
  • Auto ‘Appraisal Clause” Dispute Resolution 
  • Diminished Value Appraisal  
  • International Claim Services/Lloyds & Global Markets 

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Technology & Innovation

We have increased our annual investments in innovation and digital transformation more than four-fold, including in our claims management tool, claims AI and automation, mobile technology and information security.

FACTS System

Through our proprietary claims management system, we monitor the performance and progress of each claim assignment to ensure we deliver timely and quality reporting to our clients, all while keeping claim data safe and secure.

AI & Automation

Our complete suite of claim management tools include automated intelligent loss intake, intuitive workflow management, integrated reporting, and claim tracking.

Mobile Platforms

Our mobile responsive platforms enables our field adjusting team to collect and communicate information quickly to our clients, improving claims handling performance and customer satisfaction.

Information Security

Like our clients, information security is important to us. Our organization maintains an ISO 27001 certification which demonstrates that we invest in people, processes, tools, and systems to
protect our organization’s data, all of which is verified through independent assessments conducted by security experts.