The Frontier Mission

Our mission is to provide consistent, timely, and quality independent claim adjusting services in a manner that meets or exceeds the requirements of our insurance industry clients, while respecting the circumstances and challenges faced by their insureds or claimants.

About Us

Our network of independent, multi-line claims adjusters that has been serving the property and casualty insurance industry since 1957. Our local franchised offices have successfully worked with thousands of insurance companies, TPAs and self-insured customers. We have handled millions of assignments including, but not limited to, auto appraisals, property estimates, complex casualty claims and catastrophic events of all kinds.

With over 600 franchised offices throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada, our extensive network is able to provide prompt, professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Phoenix-based Customer Service Center is connected to each of our local offices through our proprietary claims management system – FACTS (Frontier Adjusters Claim Tracking System). Our local offices are connected to FACTS to manage their customer assignments, their file documents and their file communication; thereby ensuring greater conformity and quality across our entire network.


Our network of owner-operators average more than 15 years of multi-line claims adjusting experience. It is common for prospective franchisees to come to us from major carriers where they served as local, regional, and/or national claim managers; or from competing independent adjusting firms that are consolidating offices or eliminating staff; or from TPA’s and other industry claim sources.

Geography Coverage

Our network of 600+ advertised locations spans the United States and parts of Canada with strong representation and coverage in both rural and urban settings. This distribution often puts us closer to the claim scene providing savings in LAE costs through reduced travel time with enhanced response time for your insured and/or claimants.

Customer Service Expectations

We believe that each claim assignment is an opportunity to perform at a high level to better ensure that we will receive the next assignment. Our owner-operators do not receive a paycheck every two weeks. They are business owners who understand the value of a customer relationship and are committed to the same. Their business is predicated upon great customer service and customer retention.

Technology & Innovation

Technology has changed the way organizations conduct business, which is why we continue to invest in our IT systems and processes in order to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.  Our technology commitment enables Frontier to deliver a quality work product more efficiently and effectively, saving our customers time and money.

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Our Values

  • Inspire each other

    We inspire and motivate those around us

    We support our colleagues to deliver an excellent service

  • Deliver on our promises

    We deliver a great service to our clients and colleagues

    We use our judgement to do what is right

    We deliver on our promises

  • Empower you to act

    We deliver great results to help Frontier grow

    We take ownership and do what we say we will do

    We take action

  • Aspire to be the best

    We are excellent in training, learning and professional life

    We are driven to be the best we can be

    We are reaching for the top


Liz Jones, IFG Companies

“I just wanted to send along a quick email telling you how happy I am with Ed Blewett’s handling of my claim.  He has been really very good, proactive and responsive.  He also notified me of a serious issue on my file and I thank him for not only just emailing me, but calling with a follow up to tell me his email was VIP and that I needed to see it ASAP.  He was polite, he let me ramble on, I was going to end the call with ‘I will get back to you’ and he professinally and politely told me he needed to tell me something ‘important’ and told me about a default of a lawsuit with one of my insureds.  He was gracious and offered to do anything and everything to help.  I appreciated him very much in that moment more than ever.”  

 Christina Lashmet, American National Property and Casualty

We towed the vehicle to Copart, but after receiving the photos from Copart, we weren’t certain if this Toyota Rav4 was indeed a total loss. We assigned Shawn Bohan for a physical inspection. I called Shawn to discuss the situation because our insured was on vacation when the loss occurred and was now hundreds of miles away from the vehicle. Also the insured was in a rental vehicle, so we were concerned that if her vehicle was repairable, we didn’t want it excessively sitting at Copart while her rental coverage wasted away prior to any repair.  Shawn was very understanding, and he even moved around his schedule to get to Helena, MT the following day. He called us directly after the inspection with the information we needed to make a decision. We were thoroughly impressed by his level of service. He provided not only excellent customer service for us, but also for our insured. Just wanted to send over this kudos so someone is aware Shawn’s performance on this claim was amazing, and we appreciate it!!”

Maureen Juarez, Gallagher Bassett TPA

“Brian Donnelly is clearly an excellent investigator.  The report is very well wriĥen and we are proud to have him representing our client in the field! The client is keeping your info on file and I expect that all within our unit will be told to call upon you for additional work.”

Sarah Geiser, Secretary/Treasurer – Rosario Hillside Condo. Assn.

“We commend Mitch Powlas of Frontier Adjusters for the professional, efficient and timely handling of this claim.  Mitch worked closely with our premises manager to resolve this unfortunate claim where a tree fell onto one of our buildings and to bring it to a most satisfactory conclusion.”

Kitty Melvin, UNIRISC

“Thank you for the report.  We are in agreement with you to close out the file.  Thanks so much with your help with this assignment.  You were wonderful and we appreciate your assistance and expertise.” 

Jeanne Spaniol, Nautilus Insurance Company

“IA Lee Barker was able to identify that the case was ready for settlment and was proactive in getting the case resolved with the claimant attorney. He also stayed on top of the attorney for statement of claimant.  Lee is well versed in handling claims and knowledgable of venues.  In addition, familiar with the plaintiff attorneys in the area and what type of firms they are (i.e. will try cases, will settle, etc.)”  

Nancy Miller, The Economical Insurance Group

“Paul Martin.  This file has been reassigned to me and I have just reviewed your report.  This is one of the best scene investigation reports I have seen in a long time and I believe the information provided by you will assist us in prevailing in Special Arbitration.  We usually only let you know when you do something wrong, so I wanted to let you know that your work exceeded my expectations.  I will certainly refer future work to you and let my associates know as well!”