Frontier Services

Our owner operators average more than 20 years in multi-line claims adjusting

  • Property Claims
  • CAT Response
  • Casualty Claims
  • Service Programs
  • Transportation



Each year, our network of over 640 locally owned and operated locations handles approximately 100,000 property and casualty assignments.  The claim types are very diverse, including commercial vehicle liability and other general liability claims, commercial and residential property damage, private passenger auto physical damage and liability claims and complex claim types such as construction defect and product liability claims.

We provide independent adjusting services for virtually every major property and casualty insurance carrier and third party administrator (TPA) operating in the US and Canada; we also work directly for a large number of self-insured entities.

The diversity of our customer base and the claim assignments we receive place a high premium on experience and expertise.   We are proud to state our network of our owner-operators averages more than 15 years of multi-line claims experience including time in claim management and supervisory capacities.

For information on how Frontier Adjusters can be of service to you and your claims organization, please contact Tyson Ware at


  • Successful property claim management is dependent on both the skill and experience of the independent adjuster and the selection of the right tools for the job.  Our network of Frontier Adjusters’ owner-operators averages more than 15 years in multi-line claims experience including extensive experience managing property and physical damage claims.  Our network utilizes key industry recognized estimating systems including Xactimate, Audatex, CCC and Mitchell to supplement their judgment and experience to prepare accurate and reliable damage estimates.   Key to property claim handling is timeliness, accuracy and quality.

    Our Property Damage Claim Services include:

    • Residential Property
      • Daily Claims
      • Limited CAT capacity
    • Commercial property
      • Daily claims
      • Limited CAT capacity
    • Auto Physical Damage
      • Private passenger autos
      • RV’s, Boats, Travel Trailers and Snowmobiles
      • Heavy Equipment including commercial truck tractors and trailers
    • Cargo

    24 Hour Hotline for emergency claim events requiring immediate response – 800-426-7228

    For more information on our Property Damage Claim Services, contact Tyson Ware at

  • Successful casualty claims handling remains dependent upon experience and good judgment over a foundation of attention to timeliness, quality and consistent communication.  Our network of Frontier Adjusters’ owner-operators averages more than 15 years in multi-line claims experience including extensive time managing the liability claim type – from third party property damage to complex bodily injury cases resulting from commercial vehicle accidents.

    Our Liability Claim Services include:

    • GL Slip, trip and falls
    • GL 3rd party property damage
    • GL Bodily injury
    • Garage Keepers
    • Commercial auto
    • Personal auto
    • Homeowner’s
    • Commercial property
    • Tavern and liquor

    Assignment types:

    • Full adjustment
    • Defined task assignments

    24 Hour Hotline for emergency, immediate response claim events – 800.426.7228

    For information about our Casualty Claim Services contact Tyson Ware –

  • Frontier Adjusters has built an excellent reputation for over 6 decades responding and handling claim events that specifically involve commercial vehicles and their cargo in both rural and urban landscapes all around the country. Such events include accidents that occur around the country will include first party damage to your vehicles, third party damages to either other vehicles or structures and liability issues including bodily injury or even fatality may result from these accidents. Our network of independent adjusters (IAs) is prepared to meet the needs presented by any of the above claim situations. Our services also extend after-hours for these types of commercial claim events.

    Regardless of the time of day, we know response time and IA proximity is important. As a result, we can sum up our commitment to emergency (on-scene) claim response in one sentence – “We understand that your need is for an independent adjuster to get to the scene as quickly as possible to begin the investigation and we further understand that immediate response can save time and both expense and indemnity dollars.”

    Claims Services

    • Trucking
    • Transit, Bus, Fleet & Livery
    • Motor Cargo Liability
    • Cargo & Cargo Liability
    • Cross Border
    • Mediations & Settlement Conferences
    • Intermodal
    • Load Transfers & Cold Storage
    • Inland Marine

    Why Frontier?

    • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 800.426.7228 (24/7/365)
    • Extensive urban & rural geographic footprint; Over 640 locally owned locations
    • Licensed, industry trained claims professionals
    • Owner-operators average more than 15 years of multi-line claims experience

    Should you have any questions related to our transportation services, pricing and coverage, please email our Transportation Product Manager, Cheri McGonagill at

  • Frontier Adjusters offers national, immediate response CAT adjusting services for a select number of customers.  With over 640 franchised locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we can provide a limited number of experienced adjusters to work most CAT adjusting events in the U.S.

    While many organizations can promise CAT adjusting services, Frontier delivers the following:

    • Small Client Base: Frontier strategically partners with a small, select group of customers. We recognize our strength lies in providing a team up to 40 highly experienced adjusters to specific customers rather than a large team comprised of marginally qualified or inexperienced people.
    • Experience: With a team that averages over 15 years experience in adjusting property damage claims, you can rest assured your files will be closed in the most timely and effective manner. We will provide you with a specific list of the adjusters who are enrolled in our CAT services program.
    • Coverage: With approximately 640 franchised offices, including a heavy concentration of offices in “CAT-prone” states, Frontier’s franchisees and their staffs are able to provide immediate assistance.
    • Communication: The ability to communicate specific, consistent instructions (i.e. service standards, reporting formats, pricing, etc.) to adjusters in the field is made simple through our proprietary internet-based claims management system.
    • Account Management: To assist you in monitoring the quality and consistency of our service and to promote continuous communication with our customers, we will assign an Account Manager to each CAT event. The Account Manager serves as a liaison between the Frontier local office(s) and the customer, to address quality issues, resolve billing questions and to implement continuous improvements to the process.
    • Technology: Through the use of Frontier’s proprietary systems, adjusters in the field can upload in real-time pictures of the CAT event. This technology improves processing speed and assists in closing claims more quickly and efficiently.

    For more information about Frontier’s CAT Services, contact Tyson Ware at 877.392.6278 x35.

  • Frontier Adjusters National and Regional Customer Program

    For customers who have a need for national or regional IA coverage, we recommend the Frontier Adjusters National and Regional Customer Program, also known as FANRCP.

    This program is designed to make it easy for customers to do business with Frontier while providing comfort that customers will receive service that will meet, and perhaps, exceed their expectations.

    Key elements of this program include the following features:

    • Standardized pricing, billing, and payment terms that comes with our Price Accuracy Assurance.
    • Live Customer Service Center to receive assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Customer Service Center can receive claims in several ways
      • Email
      • Fax 800.553.4799
      • Phone 800.426.7228
      • Online (Check out the ‘Assign a Claim’ section on our homepage to find out more)
    • Email acknowledgement with the name and contact information of the local Frontier office assigned within 4 business hours
    • Defined claims handling expectations
    • Customer Service Center Support for routine inquiries of file status, contact information, etc.
    • A dedicated Account Manager to respond to service, quality, or other issues
    • Custom reporting on all Frontier assignment activity by customer request.

    Special Risk Program

    For insurers, TPAs and self-insured companies who need independent claims adjusting and appraisal services related to special risks such as trucking, heavy equipment, boats, professional liability, construction defect and mine subsidence, we encourage you to contact Tyson Ware, our Brand Manager, at either or 877.392.6278 x35.  We maintain a data base of the experience of each local office’s staff and, as a result, our corporate staff can quickly determine which of our local offices have the capacity and experience to effectively manage your claim assignments. Depending upon the nature of your requirements, we typically recommend that your staff submit assignments through our Corporate Customer Service Center and then the Service Center staff will forward the assignment to the closest local office with the requisite expertise.