Frontier Adjusters has built an excellent reputation for over 6 decades responding and handling claim events that specifically involve commercial vehicles and their cargo in both rural and urban landscapes all around the country. Such events include accidents that occur around the country will include first party damage to your vehicles, third party damages to either other vehicles or structures and liability issues including bodily injury or even fatality may result from these accidents. Our network of independent adjusters (IAs) is prepared to meet the needs presented by any of the above claim situations. Our services also extend after-hours for these types of commercial claim events.

Regardless of the time of day, we know response time and IA proximity is important. As a result, we can sum up our commitment to emergency (on-scene) claim response in one sentence – “We understand that your need is for an independent adjuster to get to the scene as quickly as possible to begin the investigation and we further understand that immediate response can save time and both expense and indemnity dollars.”

Claims Services

  • Trucking
  • Transit, Bus, Fleet & Livery
  • Motor Cargo Liability
  • Cargo & Cargo Liability
  • Cross Border

  • Mediations & Settlement Conferences
  • Intermodal
  • Load Transfers & Cold Storage
  • Inland Marine

Why Frontier?

  • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 800.426.7228 (24/7/365)
  • Extensive urban & rural geographic footprint; Over 640 locally owned locations
  • Licensed, industry trained claims professionals
  • Owner-operators average more than 15 years of multi-line claims experience

Should you have any questions related to our transportation services, pricing and coverage, please email our Transportation Product Manager, Cheri McGonagill at

Frontier Adjusters is currently a member of the following organizations:


Arizone Trucking Association


Arkansas trucking association


California Trucking Association 2


CLM for commercial claim events







The harmonie group


Women in trucking